Caring babysitters for your kids

Hiring a Housemaid

If you need a housemaid on a permanent or temporary basis Bali Krisna Service can provide one for you.


Our business has helped thousands of local Indonesians, expats and long stay tourists find suitable live-in or live-out housemaids for their homes. Contact us to arrange an interview and find the best domestic.

The way it works is that Bali Krisna takes a one off finder’s fee which comes with a replacement guarantee within a specific time limit. At the interview a salary is agreed between the employee and the employer (salaries depend on duties). It is very important that the employee and employer like each other before any contracts are signed.

Bali Krisna does everything it can to make sure there is a harmonious relationship between both parties. Both employee and employer will be fully supported during the induction period.

Please note that all salaries are payable directly to the staff member and not to Bali Krisna Service. We receive a one-off finders fee and then do not take a cut of the salary after that. This makes for a great relationship between you and your staff.


Hiring a housemaid on a temporary basis has never been easier. Contact us to arrange an interview, then we can discuss duties and agree a rate for the housemaid service. Rates will vary depending on duties.