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Exercise Essential for Early Child Development

Sunday, July 10, 2011 @ 05:07 AM
posted by Made
Nanny from Bali Krisna Service playing with child

Nanny from Bali Krisna Service playing with child

Government health experts from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have teamed up to issue advice to the parents of under five year olds. The concern comes over under-5s spending too long in buggies or car seats, and not getting enough time to run around and be active. It is being recommended that under-5s should be physically active for at least three hours a day, and under active children could be at risk from obesity and reduced brain development. Studies show that only 30% of children between the ages 1-15 in the UK are getting enough physical exercise.

This problem may be endemic of western life styles; people are so busy these days that they get very little time to watch their children play. Instead children are fastened into strollers or car seats and transported around in ways that make it easier for the parents.

Children from day one should be allowed to crawl, roll around, walk and do as much physical exercise as possible. Some parents may consider it dangerous to let their children go wild, but it is essential for healthy development.

For children that can walk activities such as cycling, running games like ‘tag’, climbing and swimming are all highly recommended. For babies it is suggested that letting them crawl, roll around on a mat, reach out and grab their toys, and baby swimming lessons are all fantastic forms of exercise.

The fact that children need exercise is not a secret in Bali, children here are free to run around and play with other children in a whole variety of energetic games. The babysitters and nannies employed by Bali Krisna Service are very active and completely understand how exercise is essential for healthy child development. Bali offers lots of activities for children such as, natural outdoor activities related to the beach and mountains; it has water parks, play grounds, zoos and plenty of space for children to really let of all that steam and pent up energy.

Bali has to be one of the best places for parents to bring their young children. People do lead very busy lives these days, and Bali is one of those places where busy parents can come and pay for affordable and high quality child care. The parents get to fully relax while the kids can go wild on the beach with the babysitter.

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